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Network cabling provides the foundation of any computer network, allowing it to carry data signals, voice communications, and more. Let us help you find the right cabling for your needs.

Discover how network cabling serves as the backbone of a computer network, carrying data signals and voice communication to create a seamless connection.

Support maintenance contracts within the IT industry refer to agreements between a company and a vendor or service provider. These agreements outline the terms and conditions for ongoing technical support and maintenance of IT systems, software, or hardware. The purpose of such contracts is to ensure that a company's IT infrastructure remains operational, secure, and up-to-date. Such contracts are vital for an effective cyber-security strategy.

Types of Cables

Ethernet cables are commonly used in network cabling, such as Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a. These cables contain copper wire pairs that transmit data signals. In addition, fibre optic cables are utilised for long-distance and high-speed connections, providing faster data transfer rates and greater resistance to electromagnetic interference.


To achieve the best performance, network cabling must adhere to specific standards and guidelines. This process includes designing the layout, routing the cables, and connecting them to the proper devices. The cables can be installed through walls, ceilings, conduits, or raised floors depending on the network's infrastructure and needs.

Cable Management

To uphold an orderly and effective network environment, it is essential to manage network cabling properly. This involves utilising cable trays, racks, and labels to direct and distinguish cables. By arranging cabling systematically, the likelihood of cable impairment is minimised, problem-solving is simplified, and future upgrades and adjustments are facilitated.

Performance and Speed

Efficient data transmission is directly influenced by the quality of network cabling. For faster data rates and superior resistance to interference and crosstalk, it is recommended to use high-grade cables like Cat6 or fibre optic. Additionally, proper cable installation practices like maintaining appropriate cable lengths and avoiding sharp bends are crucial for achieving optimal performance.

Network Expansion and Upgrades

When planning and setting up network cabling, it is important to consider potential growth and advancements in technology. By doing so, the network can be easily expanded and new devices or technologies can be integrated without much hassle. It may be necessary to upgrade to higher-quality cables or fibre optics to keep up with increasing bandwidth demands.

Design & Planning

It is crucial to have a thorough design and plan in place when it comes to network cabling, in order to ensure that all possible future needs are taken into consideration. Our team will assess your current requirements and also make sure that your installation is future-proofed as much as possible.

Why choose us?

Bell ICT places great importance on providing outstanding customer support and provides support maintenance contracts to guarantee the fulfilment of agreed-upon service levels. Their team of committed support experts is always ready to assist you with any inquiries or worries, delivering prompt and dependable assistance.

Design & Planning

Whether you're in need of a voice, data, or fibre optic network installation, relocating your office, or expanding your current system, our knowledgeable team can assist you in designing and executing the installation that best suits your company's needs.

Office Moves

When relocating to new offices or expanding current ones, it is typical to require cabling for voice and data networks. UTL offers cabling solutions that can accommodate anything from building an entirely new infrastructure to adding a few connection points.

Terminate & Test

When cabling infrastructure has already been installed by another contractor, we may be asked to provide a Terminate & Test service. This service is crucial in ensuring that your system is operating efficiently.  We will provide you with comprehensive test results that contain vital information needed to complete the job successfully.

Wifi Installations

Since its establishment, Bell ICT has been proficient in installing WiFi in various organisations. With extensive experience in installation at countless locations, our team guarantees maximum WiFi coverage by providing tailored solutions that can be adjusted to fit the layout of your offices. Additionally, we specialise in network cabling and offer educational resources to help you better understand the process.

Peace of mind, knowing that professional support is available to address IT-related challenges.

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Peace of mind, knowing that professional support is available to address IT-related challenges.

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